Seamless QR-Code NFT minting solution

QR-Mint offers a no-code solution for hosting your next NFT drop. Distribute your NFTs via QR-Code. We offer the cleanest, seamless, on-ramp for your audience, you'll be amazed how simple distributing NFTs can be.
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Why use QR-Mint?

No Wallet Required

One of the largest barriers for entry into the world of NFTs is creating crypto wallets. QR-Mint utilizes Crossmint to eliminate this barrier.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a blockchain developer isn't always an affordable option. Development of a smart contract can be a long and expensive process.


We believe distributing an NFT should be as easy as handing it to someone. Whether you decide to distribute physically or virtually, your audience is only a few clicks away from ownership.

QR-Mint is simple & intuitive. Without any instruction, only an image, even the least tech-savy can be involved.

Expand your minting audience from just web3 acclimated users, to anyone with a smart phone. The market for NFTs remains extremely untapped.

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QR-Codes are Easy

The adoption of QR-Codes has become a standard. Their usage has drastically increased, quadrupling from 1.3 billion QR-Codes used in 2017 to 5.3 billion in 2019.
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Guide your audience

We help you by sending communication to guide those who may be new to using NFTs. Confirmation Emails with easy-to-follow instructions and support come with your NFT drop.

Welcome to the future of digital ownership

Once your NFTs are on the blockchain the possibilities are limitless.
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