From Concept to Innovation: The Creation of QR-Mint

June 28, 2023
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Hey there, curious reader! I'm Tyler, the founder and CEO of QR-Mint. I'm excited to share with you our story of how and why we embarked into the world of digital assets. But first, let me introduce myself. I'm a professional Software Engineer based in Boston, Massachusetts, with over 8 years of experience. Being a Web3 native developer, I understand the immense value of digital assets and how they can enrich our digital experiences. However, I also understand that this technology can be complex to grasp and set up, especially given that most of the current infrastructure is still in its infancy.

About a year ago, I founded QR-Mint to bridge the gap and bring the power of blockchain and Web3 to the masses. I believe it's essential to embrace this technology to stay competitive in our ever-changing technological landscape. To achieve this, I assembled a team of subject matter experts and talented creators in the Web3 field. You can learn more about our team here. Now, let's dive into the story of how QR-Mint came to be and where we're headed!

Initial Concept Creation

Creating a platform to facilitate the integration of digital assets to projects had been a long-standing goal of mine. I wanted to provide a simple solution that would enable anyone to create and distribute digital assets effortlessly. When our friends over at Crossmint hosted a hackathon, it presented me with an opportunity to bring my idea to life.

In August of 2022, I developed a proof of concept application where users could upload an image and enter metadata to describe it. In an instant, they would receive a QR code that directed their desired end-users to a redemption page, allowing the image to be minted as a digital Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

First Redemption Page POC from the Hackathon

The QR-Mint redemption flow takes care of all the backend work, including smart contract deployment, distributing image hosting (with IPFS), and redemption page creation. The project won 1st place in the hackathon, validating my assumptions about the use-case. From this starting point, I knew that with some additional features, improvements to the user experience, and platform enhancements, we would have a scalable product.


One of the key features that drives audience engagement when using QR-Mint is the integration of Crossmint’s custodial Email Wallet. Our innovative single-click functionality enables Web3-naive users to easily receive NFTs and bypass all of the following complexities and barriers:

  • Downloading a Third-Party Wallet application
  • Purchasing cryptocurrencies to pay for required gas fees
  • Dangerously connecting a wallet to a minting application, leaving users vulnerable to attacks.

QR-Mint removes all of this friction for the end user, making the process completely seamless.

Example Usage of a Crossmint custodial Email Wallet

To expand the features of QR-Mint, we reached out to our network in the Web3 community to understand what users might like to see from a platform like ours. Based on their feedback, we rolled out new features such as customizable branding, expanded support for various chains and contract types, and made overall improvements to the user experience. QR-Mint started gaining traction, partnering with live events, venues, and physical merchandise. And this brings us to where QR-Mint stands today.

Who We Are Today

Our team has demonstrated expertise and a deep passion for Web3. This has positioned us as a one-stop shop consulting company for creating enhanced digital experiences. We provide tailored software solutions to any project interested in incorporating digital assets into their repertoire. QR-Mint will continue to be driven by our early adopters and clients as we innovate as a product. This is only the beginning! 🍬

If you're interested in trying out the QR-Mint experience by minting your own NFT, try it here!

Follow along to stay updated on our journey and to discover the exciting future of Digital Assets.

June 28, 2023
4 Min Read

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